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BeDots ERP is an integrated collection of business modules. It contains the full range of operations, processes and data needed in different sectors, to automate repetitive tasks, increase efficiency, and provide the management with better insights into their operations and resources, so smarter business decisions are needed.


BeDots ERP has been continuously modernized using the latest, reliable web technologies and frameworks. As a result it has an outstanding performance and fits the international standards and the best practices in the field of software engineering. It is a reliable, modular system, easy to use, and customize.


It feels familiar and pleasant to use, BeDots ERP provides it's users with easy user experience and clear user interfaces; by following the standards set by the most-widely used applications (Twitter, Google, Apple, Microsoft...). BeDots ERP is a 100% web-based software, and can be used anywhere, anytime, in any device – including mobile phones.


Applying BeDots ERP into use in the company automates the fundamental business operations, transforming the business to being more productive and efficient. All manual activities involving paper are stopped, and tasks are completed considerably more quickly, This is largely beneficial to employees and supervisors, but also suppliers and clients. The information outputed from the system by way of analysis, data, and reports, is accurate and trustworthy, enabling better governance, control, and transparency.


BeDots ERP is highly scalable and customizable, i.e. each business can configure settings of the system (workflows, user permissions, data fields...) according to their needs and business practices. Furthermore, BeDots ERP can be easily used in English & Arabic and different currencies.

Business Modules

BeDots ERP is a comprehensive integrated suite of business applications for various lines of businesses. Below are the key functional modules of BeDots ERP.

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Human Resources Management
  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Inventory Management
  • Business Insights
  • Marketing

Each of these functional modules has a large number of associated processes, functionalities, and sub-modules. Despite the fact that these modules are integrated, they can still be used separately and implemented as standalone modules. Also available for deployment and implementation by businesses that need them are non-ERP external modules (Ecommerce Website, Document Management, SMS Marketing, Online Payment Gateways) that are strongly connected with BeDots ERP.